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HealHer Network at Work

Women need to be heard, unfiltered without conditions or permission. Everyday our world comes up with new ways to inflict pain on women while undermining their wounds, their voice, their freedom to exist without abuse or harassment. Women just want to live and be valued. 


Every few weeks, we see men who abuse women finding work in our sport; yes, football is our sport too. More than half the NFL fan base are women. Women who enjoy the game, women who purchase merchandise for themselves and their families, women who birth and raise players and women who love them. And clearly it’s time for football to love women back. What better way of expressing love than being a foundation on which love grows and a vehicle that transports messages of love and empowerment?


It’s time to use this amazing platform and stage provided by the NFL and to shine that spotlight on the wounds and healing process of women and to let women know they’re valued and appreciated and their voice and their healing are important; their safety is a priority. Every week during the season, HealHer Network will find new ways to connect with our community of sisters to address their scars, connect them with resources, encouragement and support, while equipping and empowering them to live beyond their wounds.  

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HealHer Network is your mobile support outreach, and we are ready to hit the road in 2019. Every week during the NFL season, HealHer Network goes to designated NFL cities and connects with women, from survivors of domestic violence, sexual assaults, mothers whose children have committed suicide, mothers who lost children to gun violence, to women battling emotional and financial crisis, HealHer Network provides a voice and support for women while equipping and empowering them to live beyond their wounds.


HealHer Network empowerment events and online community present a safe space and opportunity for women to reset and recharge. Journalist, hope dealer, NFL mom and domestic violence survivor Annie Apple, joined by esteemed panel of women, share how they turned their worst moments into their greatest victories while helping women recharge by plugging them into information, resources and encouragement that fuel them in rebuilding their lives. HealHer Network is the heart of the game by focusing on the needs of the female fans through service and support as we provide women a safe space and opportunity to be heard, to be healed and to be celebrated.


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