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I’m an intelligent, strong, smart, loving, supportive person, a GAME CHANGER that is full of ambition. I am the first official socialite of New Orleans, an upcoming social media phenomenon, an advocate against domestic violence, and a grassroots-collaborative leader on a mission to make a positive difference in society, while personally touching the lives of others. I am a survivor of many struggles, and a firm believer in standing up for what is RIGHT. The main purpose of my “Kali’ Red” socialite image is to show females of all ages that you CAN BE/DO whatever you want to in life, by not allowing anything to stand in their way, or anyone to discriminate against them. My motto is “LOVE, LOYALTY, and SUPPORT”…I am very passionate about those words; I uphold and live by them no matter what.

I began to advocate stopping domestic violence, and became involved with helping the homeless population through my own personal initiatives, and collaborating with others. I was a victim of domestic violence and I was once homeless; it was a very devastating and life changing experience, I lived in a battered woman’s shelter for two and a half months while trying to complete my college tenure. Some people still fail to realize the seriousness of domestic abuse and homelessness. I saw huge a need in society to help spread awareness about both issues due to individuals, and innocent children being in danger of losing their lives through acts of domestic violence.

I am the CEO of “The Kali’ Red Experience, LLC”, I launched this innovative marketing business to build a strong networking base in my City, while hosting and promoting events. One night I had a dream about developing my own foundation, due to my life changing experience with DV. I remembered how I had to deal with a few organizations for survival reasons; I saw several loopholes in their processes, along with lots of negative and dangerous glitches in the justice system. Through my “Kali’ Red” socialite image, I’ve been blessed to work with several A-List celebrities, and many wonderful major organizations, that gave me the opportunity to witness behind the scenes activities on how they function, by working as a faithful volunteer, and promoting their community events. Furthermore, with the tremendous experience I have gained, I created Kali’ Red’s Initiative: “Take Your Life Back” Foundation (TYLBF), that is operated with the standards I want, by working extremely hard to make sure the services offered are effective, along with providing HOPE – Help Options Protection and Empowerment; and ensuring TYLBF will always STAND OUT vividly through outcome excellence. I also realized that it would be an awesome idea to attach my “Socialite” image to my foundation, to demonstrate an outcome of success that comes from believing in yourself, and committing to a positive self- transformation period. I am also the CEO of KREEM = Kali’ Red Experience Entertainment Management and Music Publishing Company, an innovative inspirational approach for determined Artists, who are currently working in the industry.

I was blessed to have two passions Leadership and Marketing; I am passionate about both because they possess a certain power that can be utilized in a positive manner to make a difference in society. I have created a way to combine them to advocate, raise awareness, reach out to individuals, organizations, businesses, and local entrepreneurs to promote events; while spreading inspiration via social media. EMPOWERMENT is important to me, I am a SURVIVOR… and I absolutely love the feeling of improving the quality of life for individuals in the community.


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